Thursday, November 27, 2008


So we're here today cooking for turkey day! We're having a potluck style thanksgiving, since there are like over 20 people going to be here. They don't have sweet potaotes here, they have something that resembles them though, camotes, that I'm using to cook sweet potaotes! So excited, already done half of it and with enough sugar and nuts, tastes like home. We're making everything including chocolate truffles and pies! Should be great. Hope you all are having a great turkey day, I'm thankful you read my blog...ha ha, thankful you love me enough to read it, and thankful you're in my life in general. You're great. Enjoy the dayyyy and drink enough wine! Love you!

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Mom said...

I hope it all turned out delicious! It was great to visit with you on Skype and see everyone. Thank you for the tour. There were just the four of us for Thanksgiving dinner so we have a lot of leftovers. We didn't cook that much of anything but we cooked a lot of different dishes. Just practising for Christmas I guess. I am thankful that you had wonderful friends to spend Thanksgiving with and that you will be home soon. Love you!