Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The End

Things are winding down here...on Saturday night there was a going away party for us...families came and there was a band and food. Then we went out to La Rumba for the last time dancing. Sunday was interesting...Greg and I decided to go back to the waterpark cause it was so fun and there was no reason not to, so we only told the school mom and left at like 1:30 under the assumption that it closed at 6 or 7. Well, 1.5 hours later we get there, and people are leaving, fine, they got their early right and want to get home? No, it closed at 4, right when we got there. We were pretty bummed. So, then we decided that we were already so far away and didn't just want to go home and write our thesis, so we asked how far the beach was, Champerico...1.5 away, let's go! So we got a taxi (otherwise by bus it would be 3 hours) to take us to the beach! Got there while the sun was setting but didn't go straight to the beach cause we decided to stay the night...why not? Adventure! So we called the school mom again, Gladis and got out class moved to the afternoon for Monday. So, got a hotel, hung out, got up the next morning and went to the beach, showered, waited for our taxi who said he'd be there to take us back to Reu (town), but he never came so we had to figure out the whole chicken bus thing, which turned out to be fine and faster than 3 hours back to Reu. Got back to Xela late, but still had class...everyone was like, what the hell, you went to the beach?! It was a great adventure and much needed. It was great to actually feel like I was traveling, usually we travel with the group so it doesn't feel like we're free. Today we have to do our speech, barf, but it should be fine cause we're all sitting at a cafe, just talking about what we wrote about, don't even need to stand up. Should be fine. Tomorrow, Thursday we have our graduation and lunch with the teachers starting at 11. We even get diplomas. I'm NOT doing a speech for thats, thanks is enough for me. We're all pretty excited to get back to the states...ahhh! It's been great, exactly what I needed for this time in my life. I got in-state residency for TX and they accepted my appeal for turning it in too that's all great. Yesterday I got an email for a job interview in Austin for a front desk position at an OB/GYN office...I've got a degree and I'm going maybe be a front desk lady...whatev. They have benefits too. Anyways, class has begun and I need to go over my thesis with my teacher. Wooooo CHRISTMAS AND THE STATES, CIVILIZATION, SAFETY, FOOD, FAMILY!


Mom said...

Hurry home! We miss you! I'm happy your experience was good and even happier that things seem to be working out on your return.

Lindsay said...

Yeah I'm so excited to see you!!!

Dad said...

Well that is so much good news fun- Instate school,OB/GYN - whomever that is - coming home - Hey what is your male friend's name - we need a name for your spouces christmas stocking. There are four letter spaces - I know TMTC. (Too Many To Count) haaaaaaaaaa, ha.