Monday, December 8, 2008

In 2 weeks, I'm back in the homeland.

So I figured out what I'm going to write was my original topic. The reason I abandoned it was because 2 other girls were doing family planning too but I realized my topic is more specific and will be juuuuuuust fine to do; besides I already had 8 sources on it. SO, that's all settled, now I have to bust ass to write it all. This weekend was great! Saturday we just hung around and worked on things, then that night there was a futbol game (soccer) that everyone in the school went to. It was really fun. Beforehand we played power hour, 1 shot of beer every minute per song change, for an hour, it's fun. So we did that and went to the game. Xela won so now I think that means they're in the semifinals and there's another game wednesday. It's so crazy here, when the team runs onto the field the fans go nuts. They pass out bags full of newspapers cut into 1x1 in. squares that everyone throws so there's confetti all in the air, there were giant fireworks shooting into the air from 3 different sides of the field, people brought their own giant roles of black cat type fireworks that they light and throw into the field...and no one cares, the police do nothing, it's so great, I was just looking around smiling like, what the hell is going on. It makes me wonder why we're so overly protective. I mean yes, people could get hurt, but I don't think it's that often or else they wouldn't allow it, but it makes for an intense beginning to a game. Then Sunday we went to Xocomil...Central America's largest water park! Weird right? Who knew. It wasn't that big, but it had all the essentials: lazy river, tube slides, body slides, wave pool, family ride...good times. The whole group went and had a great day in the sun and water. Now, back to clases and within a week, I will be home, weird! I'm excited to be home but I'm also not excited to have to work and take classes. Also I've ran into another problem that, as of right now, UT is classifying me as out-of-state and therefore will charge me out-of-state thing I really can't afford, so I'm back to square one of what to do about this next semester. I am going to call UT if my status doesn't change in a couple days cause I know they just got my transcript so maybe they just haven't finished reviewing all the stuff in my application. It's like, either way, I'm going to have to spend a year in TX to get my residency back, so when do I do that, do I take classes in CO and after come back to TX and spend that year applying for PA school or do I work now and get my residency then take classes then apply....ugh, annoying. I guess it depends on what UT says this week. Will keep you updated. Also, I've applied to over 30 jobs now in Austin, none of which, I have heard anything from, crap. Degree = nothing right now.


Lindsay said...

Yeah its tough to get a job without connections. Are you set on going to school at UT or would San Marocs or San Antonio work? Maybe they wouldn't be so strict? Less than 2 weeks left and I can't wait to see you!

Dad said...

That is interesting about the fireworks. I think it may be screwed up here because of all the lawyers getting away with suing everyone. We are way too much a litiegious society here compared to most other countries. Of course we have a better rule of law so you don't dare screw anyone.

I gess since you are not considered a dependent of ours you can't just come back to Texas and get instate - maybe. On the other hand you lived here your entire life almost so you should be accepted. You could cut off your leg and then automtically become a dependent of ours again and probably get instate that way; however,I wouldn't recomend it since it makes peddling a bike difficult. Damn-it I need a vacation - feels like there is something wrong with my thought process, ha.